Join us the 2nd Wednesday of each month from
6 - 8 pm at the Urban Ecology Center for a delicious potluck dinner and a program including lively discussion.



Our next monthly gathering:

Wednesday, Oct. 8th 
Realities of Selling Local Food
Speakers: Zach Hepner (local food forager)   & Will Quinn (produce manager) 

Zach Hepner works at Outpost Natural Foods as a full-time "forager," or local purchasing specialist. While he focuses on helping local and regional vendors with their products, his co-worker William Quinn establishes relationships with local farmers whose produce is sold in the four stores.

Share a potluck dinner with us and learn more about what it takes for a store to put their commitment to sell more local food into practice.

November - No gathering (we're taking a month off)

Wednesday, Dec. 10th 
Milwaukee’s Urban Discovery Farm

Can Urban Agriculture be Economically Viable in Milwaukee?
Speaker: Ryan Schone,
Microfarms and Local Foods Coordinator, Milwaukee UW-Extension

The Milwaukee Urban Discovery Farm (MUDF) researches the economic viability and social capital of urban agriculture while empowering small-scale farmers in the region. They do so by facilitating land access and providing technical and educational resources for selling local food. Participants – or “micro-farmers” – learn sustainable methods to increase their food production while cultivating buyer relationships with partnered Milwaukee restaurants, markets, and food co-ops.