Join us the 2nd Wednesday of each month from
6 - 8 pm at the Urban Ecology Center for a delicious potluck dinner and a program including lively discussion.



Our next monthly gathering:

Wednesday, Dec. 10th 
Milwaukee’s Urban Discovery Farm

Can Urban Agriculture be Economically Viable in Milwaukee?
Speaker: Ryan Schone,
Microfarms and Local Foods Coordinator, Milwaukee UW-Extension

Ryan Schone, UW Extension and a collaborative group of farmers plan to find out. In the 2014 season, (14) farmers have been participating in the Urban Discovery Farm at 4 different sites. Embracing their diversity of cultures, ages and farming experiences, these farmers each manage their own micro-farms and gather monthly for an educational workshop followed with a meal and collaborative conversation.

The Milwaukee Urban Discovery Farm (MUDF) researches the economic viability and social capital of urban agriculture while empowering small-scale farmers in the region. They do so by facilitating land access and providing technical and educational resources for selling local food. Participants – or “micro-farmers” – learn sustainable methods to increase their food production while cultivating buyer relationships with partnered Milwaukee restaurants, markets, and food co-ops.

Wednesday, Jan 14th
Health Benefits and starting a small business
Speakers: Jeff Ziebelman & Betty Holloway , M.N.S. R.D.

Tonight we’ll focus on fermentation. Betty Holloway, registered dietitian and founder of Nutriphoria LLC in Pewaukee, will talk about the health benefits of fermentation and probiotics. Jeff Ziebelman, owner of Zymbiotics, will share his experiences and answer questions about starting a small local food business.