Join us the third Thursday of every month from 6 - 8 pm
at the Urban Ecology Center for a delicious potluck dinner and a program including lively discussion.




Thursday, Oct. 20, 2016
6 - 8 pm
Potluck dinner followed by short videos & discussion based on readings

Talking about pigs and pork
Join Friends of Real Food for a potluck dinner, short videos and lively discussion based on the research of Barry Estabrook and his book Pig Tales: An Omnivore's Quest for Sustainable Meat. All are welcome to join us whether you've done the reading or not.

If he was going to eat pork, Barry Estabrook decided he’d better learn as much about pigs and how they are raised as he could.  Did you know pigs are intelligent and have been domesticated by people for 10,000 years as well as living in the wild?  Estabrook also shares what he learned about the costs of factory farms for the animals, environment, the workers and us. He also found and shares inspiring stories of sustainable alternative pig farms.

If you don't have time to read the book, check out one or all of these online interviews with Barry Estabrook:

Interview on the Splendid Table
Read transcript of interview or listen to it online (22 minutes)

Interview in Modern Farmer

Civil Eats interview

NPR exceprt from book about wild, feral pigs

Barry Estabrook's website:

Thursday, November 17, 2016
6 - 8 pm
Potluck dinner followed by Film & discussion
DIVE! Living Off America's Waste

An illuminating documentary about dumpster divers fighting food waste

Inspired by a curiosity about our country's careless habit of sending food straight to landfills, the multi award-winning documentary DIVE! follows filmmaker Jeremy Seifert and friends as they dumpster dive in the back alleys and gated garbage receptacles of Los Angeles' supermarkets. In the process, they salvage thousands of dollars worth of good, edible food - resulting in an inspiring documentary that is equal parts entertainment, guerilla journalism and call to action.

Thursday, December 15, 2016
6 - 8 pm
Potluck dinner followed by video & discussion (based on readings)
Regenerative Agriculture
Regenerating the soil, the environment and the community

How we raise our food can be part of the solution to the environmental crisis.

We'll begin by watching a video: Unbroken Ground: Revolutions Start From the Bottom which tells the story of four groups that are pioneers in the fields of regenerative agriculture, regenerative grazing, diversified crop development and restorative fishing. Our discussion will be based on the writings of Kristin Ohlson, author of The Soil Will Save Us-How Scientists, Farmers, and Foodies Are Healing the Soil to Save the Planet.

All are welcome, whether you've done the reading or not.